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Shalom Amigos

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Hello all,

Happy Valentine’s Day from Nicaragua!

The weather is gorgeous, the food is homemade and delicious and CSK’s Journey Tikun Olam Trip to Nicaragua has gotten off without a hitch!  I am so thankful to our participants, young and those of us feeling a bit old, for their enthusiasm, “go with the flowness,” and the generally superb human beings they are.

Why are we here?  For several reasons-

  1. Sometimes you just gotta purposely experience the “olam” (world) part of Tikun Olam – Repairing the World.
  2. There are really good people, living very different kinds of lives that most of us imagine, in remote parts of the world, doing Tikun 24/7 for people, many of whom just didn’t win the “genetic, geographic or economic lottery.
  3. Because our education program is called “Journey!”  It is true that wherever you go, there you are but sometimes you have to “out there” to remind yourself of who you are back here.
  4. And because Jamie Lee has planted and tended these roots for decades now precisely (and obviously :)) because she knew that someday this was what was going to happen!

All my love and regards,

Rabbi Scott

Special Thanks to Abraham and Grace for our First Tikun Olam Trip Blog Entry

Shalom amigos! 😜

We have just completed day one of the journey Education program Tikun Olam trip in Nicaragua. The travel day was long yet worth it as we were welcomed to the Jubilee House Community (JHC) with a delicious lunch in preparation for our afternoon excursion. After lunch we set out on an extremely bumpy and dusty road to a community member’s house where we got to hike and experience a taste of living off the earth and its resources. We returned back to Jubilee House for yummy fajitas, followed by a beautiful Havdalah service led by Abraham Hausman Weiss and Rabbi Scott. Joining us for Havdalah were the other visitors to JHC, most of whom are not Jewish. We ended the night with some fun board games and much needed showers. We went to bed shortly after to get ready for another exciting day.

Rabbi out! ✌


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