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Straight out of Egypt!

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We have come to know our upcoming big holiday as “Passover,” in light of the story of the Angel of Death “passing over” the homes of the Israelites, as the first born children of the Egyptians are struck dead by the tenth plague.  However, truth be told, this holiday that inspects, analyzes and investigates the essence of freedom, isn’t about passing over, avoiding, skirting, or shying away.  Its Hebrew name, “Pesach,” is far more instructive – “Pesach” is made from two Hebrew words: “Peh” meaning “mouth” and “Sach” means “speaks.”  Thus, a far more illuminating meaning for our holiday of freedom, Pesach, is this: “The Mouth that Speaks.”  And free speech is the testament that one is no longer a slave and one lives no longer like a slave.

Often, we think of our age-old stories as, well, old, the result of which can, at times attribute greater significance to them, but can also just make them feel staid and stale. Our age-old stories, though, have so much more to do with our daily lives than we realize. This year, I invite you to allow yourself to go beyond the year-to-year interpretation of Passover and seek an even deeper understanding that can make a difference not only in your holiday, but in your year ahead. 

Next Wednesday, April 13th (3555 Timmons Rd, 14th floor) from 12 – 1:30 pm, please join me for a spiritual deep-dive into the essence of Passover.  Whether you are leading a Seder, attending a Seder or are just curious about why Passover still matters, our time together will be engaging, fun and productive.   Click here to sign up for lunch and we’ll have it waiting for you.

Rabbi Scott


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