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Invitation to Shabbat HaGadol – The Great Shabbat

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Yankele was watching his father, a Rabbi, write one of his shabbes speeches. “How do you know what to say, Daddy?” Yankele asked. “Why, son, God tells me”, said the Rabbi. “Oh, then why do you keep crossing things out?

I understand that “crossing out” issue.  “Speaking for God” is an attribute that, when I hear one Rabbi say, he does, I find it a bit scary, but when I hear another Rabbi say that he doesn’t, I wonder, for whom then?  “Speaking for God” may be as basic as speaking with kindness and recognition of another’s divine image.  And it may be as bold as staking out a claim.  But more often than not, for me, its about finding the middle road that makes room for everyone to sit at the table.  These are some ideas on my mind of late and especially with Passover on the rise.

As it has been for my rabbinic forebears, this coming Shabbat, Shabbat haGadol, “The Great Shabbat” (because it is the Shabbat before Passover) is one of the few official “sermon giving” times of the year.  At CSK, our generally lighter and informal style during much of the year will be replaced this Shabbat by a bit more pomp and circumstance.  I hope you will make a point of joining us.  I have a sermon to share with you that focuses on a beautiful idea worth sharing.  

If you are interested in helping make our “chametz-full” oneg tasty and delicious, please email Laura at lauramaxrose@gmail.com to let her know.


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