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Midday Message: On Upsets

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In the car on the way to school:

Sammy: This is the year of the upset, Dad.

Me: What do you mean?

Sammy: Take last year’s Super Bowl.  Cam Newton was the NFL’s MVP Quarterback expected to lead the Panthers to victory over the Broncos.  That didn’t happen.  At all.  March Madness kept seeing upset after upset; nothing was what we expected.  In the NBA Playoffs, the Warriors came back from a 3-1 series record to defeat OKC 4 games to 3 and then the Cavs beat back the Warriors from a 3 to 1 series record, and they won the NBA Finals 4 games to 3.  That’s to say nothing about our Presidential Election!  And just yesterday, in the College national football championship, Alabama lost to Clemsen!

Just cuz things have always been doesn’t mean they’ll always be.  

This moment, right now, may feel awful.  It may feel terrible and frightening.  But one thing is certain; it doesn’t have to stay that way.  You don’t have to stay there.  Right now, in this moment, you can choose to call on hope not fear, love not strife, peace not conflict. 

However, this moment, right now, may feel wonderful.  It may fill you up and make you feel at home.  You may be connected and in the flow.  Tensions and anxiety rolling off of you like meatballs off spaghetti.

No matter what, neither of these states is permanent.  Each soon becomes a part of our past.  So, here’s what you can do – draw from these moments what you need to learn and then, let them go.  Not the people who may be involved but the feelings enmeshed within.  Those you can discard and then be better able to embrace what IS right now.  Because those moments about which we have been talking…are long over.  The present becomes the past so quickly.  But the melody can beautifully and meaningfully remain.


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